May 18, 2020

Birthday Cake Banner

I have made so many of these birthday cake banners :)
This one is for Riley, my grand daughter will be two in June.
She has a soft, easy going personality, 
so I chose a pastel pink (soft color) for her cake.
It could be a strawberry shortcake flavor.

I bought this "sprinkles" fabric specifically for 
these birthday cake banners.

Here's a photo of Riley, she's my youngest grandchild.

I made a tutorial on how to make the birthday cake banner,
you can see it here.
Different cakes are here and here.  
These belong to Riley's three older sisters.

This is Jacob's and Bridger's & Maisie's banners.

These are cakes I made for a table runner,
and Charlotte's birthday cake banner.

A Celebrate cake and Neo's cake.

This is Kylie's birthday cake banner.

Rebecca and Isabel's birthday cake banner.

Kennedy, Lindsay, Lucy and Ben's cake banners.
This one is kind of hilarious!  
I took special care with Kennedy and Lindsay's, partly because I know they especially love color...
I was so proud of how they turned out but it wasn't until they untied the bow and hung it on the wall that I saw my mistake!!!
I sewed the bow and the platter upside down!!!!
They politely said they loved it the way it was and 
it made for a good memory :)

Well, I think that's it for the parade of Quilty Fun Birthday Cake banners that I have made for my kids and grandchildren, 
using Lori Holt's free pattern and making it my own :)
Thanks for following along!

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  1. I love your cake banners - and just might have to make a few for my grandchildren. Had to chuckle with Kennedy and Lindsay's banners - they are just more 'magical' for it now :)!