Mar 23, 2015

Quilty Fun Birthday Cake Banner and Tablerunner

Lori Holt designed this cake block to celebrate the year anniversary of her Quilty Fun quilt book.
pssst....The book is available at JoAnn's.
You can go here to Lori's blog to get the recipe.

The first cake I baked, was Strawberry Cheesecake.

I had so much fun, that I decided to bake a Chocolate Mousse cake.

Red Velvet cake is one of our family favorites.

I baked another Red Velvet in a different color combo :)

Then I baked a strawberry cake, they are pretty addicting!

I baked another strawberry cake with one of my granddaughters in mind, and came up with an idea...

I will bake the cake into a banner, one for each of my grandchildren.
Each year, when it's their birthday, their cake banner can be displayed on their special day.
Charlotte's birthday is April 9th, she'll be five!

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the border looks like sprinkles :)

I appliqued Charlotte's name with wonder under and a machine blanket stitch.

 I made a tablerunner for Charlotte's mom, because she goes all out for birthdays :)
I thought she might like having a table runner for her festivities.

 I used a dotted fabric for the border on the table runner, and they still look like sprinkles!
It may be a while before I get around to quilting it.

I wanted to show you a photo from last week's post.
Here are some of my grandchildren with their dolls and baskets that I made for them.

Here are two granddaughters who weren't in the previous photo.
I didn't get one of their baby sister, because she was sleeping :)

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  1. Love all the cakes you baked and how you put them together!! A house full of children - Joy!! Love seeing all the smiley faces. You are a special Grandma, Cynthia.

  2. You have lots of grandchildren to bring you joy and keep you busy at the sewing machine! What great gifts. I made the birthday cake too! It was a fun way to make a cake for a long distance birthday. I love how you made individual banners. What a great idea!

  3. Yöur grandchilren are so cute! You have had an excellent idea.

  4. Hi Cynthia. Your cakes look scrumptious! Love the pics of your beautiful grandchildren enjoying their gifts. You are one cool Grandma - thanks for sharing!

  5. Cute cake Cynthia! That is a full sofa of wee ones! That is so sweet to make them each a dolly and bed!