Aug 31, 2015

Quilty Fun Birthday Cake Banners

I've been baking so many cakes, that I've become a little distracted..
I showed these two quilty fun birthday cakes to 4 of my friends, including my husband, and no one ever noticed.  
I noticed when I was just about done with the machine quilting.
Can you see anything wrong with these cakes?

I take such great care, choosing colors and prints that will match the personality and likes of the recipient.
Kennedy wanted a lemon cake, and I added strawberry icing.

Lindsay just wanted a pretty cake, I really love these colors!
I know that Lindsay loves Jadeite cake pedestals, so voila!!!
Have you noticed anything wrong yet?
I told Kennedy and Lindsay that I would bake some more cakes, but they said no, they liked them just the way they are :)

I'm not done yet, still have more cakes to bake :)

...and another!

I'm losing my head with these cakes, I forgot to take a photo of these cake banners, quilted and bound.
I love Lucy Jane's name, so I tried really hard to fit her whole name on the banner.
I don't know which border I like better, a colorful one, or a "sprinkles" one.

Benjamin wil be 3 years old this week.
I made him a blueberry cake, and the bow on the pedestal, has cars on it.

I hope you've enjoyed all the cakes I've been baking.
I still have many more to go :)
Originally, I was making the cakes just for my grandchildren, but all my daughters and daughters in law want one too.
That's okay, because I love making them things.
We live a day's drive from each other, so I think a lot about them when I sew for them :)
Have a great week!

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  1. Oh Cynthia - I had to laugh when I saw the first two cakes. That is something I would do too :)! And yes, like the girls' I'd like mine original - don't change!! Love all your cakes!!