Aug 24, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage - Weeks 13 and 14

I've been trying to keep up with my Farm Girl Vintage blocks.
When I make the 6" block, I try to use mostly Lori Holt fabrics.
This is a 6" Old Red Barn block.

Old Glory, I made one in both 6" and 12" sizes, but as you can see, I didn't use Lori's fabrics, there weren't really enough blues in the shades that I wanted.
Both blocks are really similar, but they'll be in separate quilts, so it really doesn't matter :)

Mama Hen with a Simple Star.
I love the brilliance of the aqua fabric, and I also love pink and orange together!
I'm really proud of her little pink beak too :)

This is a 6" block.
You can tell, because I used most of Lori's fabrics.
I'm not crazy about sewing 6" blocks though, because they are more difficult, with all the little pieces.

I love the Milking Day block, I think it's the first one I made out of the book.
My daughter belongs to a milking coop.  
Fourteen people have a share in a cow (her name is Patience) and each of them has a designated morning or evening to milk it every week.
There's a photo of me milking Patience here.
A genuine milking can is pretty expensive too!

My daughter now has chickens....

 ...and goats for milking.
I'm going to make her one of the Farm Girl Vintage quilts, I think she'll appreciate it :)
By the way, that's Maisie, aka Queen Elsa, who I made the dress for in last week's blog.

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  1. You are way ahead of me, with all your beautiful blocks. Love them!

  2. Your blocks are all so cute. Good for you in keeping up with them - this summer has been one thing after another for me. I'm so far behind! LOL

  3. Beautiful photos Cynthia, your blocks look amazing.