Jun 29, 2015

Quilty Fun Birthday Cake - Bridger & Maisie

Bridger's birthday was on May 25th, I forgot to show you the birthday banner I made for him.
Bridger turned 10, so I made his on the masculine side, and he loves chocolate mint!

I machine quilted the cake with an outline stitch, and I used a free motion stipple stitch for the rest of the banner.
This is the first time I used a large dot for the border too.

I'm in love with the back, a vintage little boy and his dog, making a birthday cake!

Maisie will be 5 on July 7th.
I made her a strawberry cake with chocolate icing.
I took this photo at night, but it shows you how I do the letters, with Wonder Under.
I always have to remember to draw the letters backwards, and press the letters to the wrong side of the fabric.
Invariably I always make at least one mistake!

I just love this cake, and the pedestal is Cotton and Steel.

I used the "sprinkles" fabric for the border, and used a scrappy binding.

I used a "hand quilting stitch" on my machine when I outlined the cake.
I really like the look and may use it from now on.

I'm working on 2 more cakes which I need to finish this week.
How many more cakes do I need to make this year?
Let me see, 1 in August, 1 in September, 1 in October, 1 in November, 1 in January, and 1 in February.
That's 6 more.
I've made one for Charlotte, Paisley, Bridger and Maisie.
Eleven grandchildren and one daughter.
I wonder if any other daughters or daughters in law or sons or sons in law want a birthday banner....If you do, let me know :)

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  1. Love your 'cakes'. Yummmm - Chocolate Mint - Strawberry. You did a beautiful job on each one!

  2. I would love one whenever you have the time. Maybe a universal one that wecan use for jordan and myself or a table runner would be nice. I love how personal they are and they are going to love them for years to come

  3. I have found you....I love4 your cake blocks and that little boy backing is so gorgeous!!