Nov 23, 2018

A Very Vintage Christmas Sew Along

This is the best book ever!!!
Have you seen it yet?
Scroll to the bottom, and there's a photo of 
A Very Vintage Chrstimas by Lori Holt.
I made Mr. Cookie :)
Adorable name for an adorable quilt block!!!
Easy peasy to sew, mine is 12" 
with some vintage ric rac that I've been hoarding :)

I made Mr. Cookie into a placemat for Christmas!
When I make another Mr. Cookie, I'll embroider his face in white instead of red, it would show up better.
I used Lori's Cute Little Buttons too!!!

Lori's new book is completely awesome, just like she is in real life!
Each little block is designed with love from memories of her childhood.
Every block comes in 6" and 12" sizes.
Lori has so many quilt ideas in the book and I've seen people 
"make their quilts their own" with Lori's designs.
The possibilities are endless!
I can see myself making Christmas quilts for the rest of my quilty life and never getting bored because each and every block is so darn cute!!!!

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