Nov 2, 2018

A Very Vintage Christmas Sew Along

I absolutely love this book!!!
It's like all of my childhood memories came alive!
Yes, I'm vintage, and all the blocks in this quilt remind me of my childhood :)

Here's my little dolly, isn't she lovely?

She was so easy to put together.

I couldn't decide which photo to use!

I sewed little Dolly in a 12" size and turned her into a placemat for one of my grand daughters :)

I embroidered a little face on her and she came alive :)

I just love my new dolly placemat!


  1. Love, love your cute placemat!! This book is such a treasure trove of special blocks and quilt designs - my heart just overflows. Due to the Canadian postal strike, I just received my book yesterday, but oh - the joy when it finally arrived :)!!

  2. I love this!! I want placemates for my table this Christmas. I’m going to have to order this book.

  3. Love your little girl! So sweet.

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