Jun 13, 2014

Thimble Baby Quilt

I posted about this quilt here, a couple of months ago.
I smoothed it out on the tile floor and pinned the front to the back.

I backed this quilt with a really soft minky fabric.
A tutorial told me to use spray glue but I thought it would be too messy.
The slippery tile floor helped!

It was late at night and I used my chin on my iPhone to take this photo of my machine quilting :)

The green fabric will be the binding for this little baby quilt.

 The binding is Polka dot stitches by Lori Holt, it is the perfect shade of green.

Yay, the quilt is finished!

Here is the soft minky that I backed the quilt with :)

Paisley Louise will love her colorful quilt!!!

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  1. Beautiful Quilt for a Beautiful Baby! She will love the soft backing. Love all the pretty print fabrics you used in the Quilt

  2. Beautiful quilt! Adorable baby :0)

  3. Very cute! (both the quilt and the sweet baby :)

  4. I love it. Paisley is going to love it too... Kim

  5. I love it. So will Paisley.... Kim

  6. So adorable (yes, just as Nedra said, the quilt AND little Paisley). It so cheery and fun!

  7. It's so cute and bright and happy! Paisley Louise is going to love it!