Jun 9, 2014

Sewing Kit and tutorial

I made my 5th sewing kit that I've made, I made my first one here with a tutorial and a giveaway.
I made the 2nd sewing kit for my son, you can see it here.
The 3rd sewing kit that I made was for a sweet young woman, and it was my most viewed post ever!
You can see it here.
The 4th one is here, I made it with a Japanese theme :)
Now to get to my latest sewing kit.
I made it for a young man who is going on his two year church mission, to Portland, Oregon.
I just love this fabric called "12 steps to iron a shirt".
It actually lists the 12 different ways and has them numbered :)
Great fabric for a missionary who will be wearing a white shirt six days out of the week!

Daniel went to BYU for a year, so this fabric was perfect!
The colors of the Oregon flag are navy and yellow, that's why I bound the sewing kit in yellow :)

Here's a better closeup of the fabric.

I stocked the sewing kit with supplies.
The pocket on the left contains iron on patches, buttons for shirts and dress pants, and some fray check.
Lots of different sizes of safety pins, straight pins and needles.
I put some washi tape on the little black scissors so they could easily be slid out of their pocket.
The pocket on the right contains clothes pins (you never know...), a tape measure and some thread with another needle.

Daniel will be an exemplary missionary, I'm looking forward to hearing about all of his experiences in Oregon.

See you in 2 year Daniel :)

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