Jun 4, 2014


I love the dresden quilt block so much!
I always thought it would be so difficult to make one, but they really aren't that hard.
I made this dresden mini, or tabletopper, for Teresa Coates, whose birthday is in May.
I'm just a little late.....
Teresa is a fellow member of our Handmade Birthday Club.
She loves neutrals, particularly grays, with a touch of butter yellow.
I chose my fabric and was able to make each petal a different print.

I appliqued the butter yellow center and safety pinned the block, in preparation for machine quilting. 

I am really excited about the background fabric, I think it sets off the grays really well :)

Ta da!  I finished the machine quilting!
I stitched in the ditch on the dresden, added a swirl in the center, and pebble quilted the background.

I always like to show off how pretty the back looks, quilted.

This is the binding all stitched onto the block, ready to hand stitch on the back.

Here's a closeup :)

Here's another closeup with a few untrimmed threads!

Yeah, it's finished!
I really want to keep it for myself, but I'll try resist the urge :)

The back could be used as a table topper too if you want a change.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to dresdens, if you want to check it out here.
I have some tutorials on how to make a dresden block on my Pinterest board, random tutorials, but you will have to sift through a lot of other tutorials to find them :)
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  1. I have yet to make a Dresden block, and it's been on my list forever. Love your fabric choices, and yours will make a nice gift.

  2. Love the Dresden block too and this one is great! Just love the greys with the yellow center. Lucky friend!