Jun 20, 2014

Modern Instabee 2014, June

I've posted about this before, but I belong to Hive 11 of the Modern Instabee.
I found out about the group on Instagram.
There are 13 quilts or quilt blocks in this book.
There are 12 members in the hive.
Each member chooses a month, mine is October.
You tell the hive which block you want and what colors.
Sometimes one of the members will send us a square to use for the center of the triple star block.

The triple star block has been the most popular so far.
This hive member wanted her block in orange, yellow and a mossy green.

I made the block a little differently this time, I hope she likes it :)
Usually, you rotate the colors.
I made each layer of points the same color.

The finished block, the triple star.

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