Jul 30, 2012

Great Granny Table Topper

This was such a fun little quilt to put together, it measures about 45" X 45".
As I showed you last week, I finished all nine blocks.

I didn't take any photos of sewing the sashing and the borders.
I sandwiched the quilt top, the quilt batting and the backing and pinned it all together with curved safety pins.
I use safety pins on small projects because I can't stand basting!

When I first started quilting, I quilted by hand.  After a few quilts, I realized that even using a thimble my fingers were so sore that I didn't have any feeling in them.  I thought it was best to machine quilt.  I really love this process.  I look at the quilt for a few minutes and determine what method of quilting I should do.  I felt that stitching in the ditch wouldn't take away from the beauty of the fabric in the squares.  If you don't know what stitching in the ditch is, it is stitching on the seam line.

After all the ditches were stitched, I outline stitched each square.

The quilting is finished!

I bought a beautiful Amy Butler fabric for the back of my quilt.  I wanted a bright color for the binding, to keep the theme of the colors in the squares.  I picked an aqua polka dot out of my stash and auditioned it with the Amy Butler fabric.  I like it.

I have a Robert Kaufman app on my smartphone which I use for calculating the binding.  It told me I needed 5 strips for my binding. I cut the strips and sewed them together and pressed them in half.

Now I'm attaching it to the quilted quilt, using the method I showed you in my binding tutorial part 1 and part 2.

The table topper is finished :)

I decided to sew little circles on the sashing and borders of the quilt.
Here are some closeup photos.

I love the back of the quilt!

See how the stitching in the ditch shows up on the back?

I love finishing a project.  I put in it various areas of the house and admire it as I walk by!  Am I weird?  lol

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  1. your quilt is beautiful, love how it turned out!!

  2. Your Great Granny quilt turned out fabulous! I love how you chose a color theme for each block. And it's all quilted and bound. I'm envious :)

  3. Oh, I just love this! So pretty. Really great work, Cynthia!

  4. cynthia.....i love it!!!!!!!.....now send me more!

  5. cynthia.....i love it & this comment was from your long lost friend..marianne!!