Mar 11, 2013

Joni Hilton

I wanted to spotlight my friend and author and woman of so many talents, Joni Hilton.
Joni was the first person I met at church when I was visiting California, 2 years ago.  When she said her name, I asked her if she was "the" Joni Hilton!  I had read many of her books and admired her penmanship, creativity and sense of humor.
  Guess what, she is "the" Joni Hilton :)

Joni has written all of these books, and more!

She is a playwright, writes for Music and the Spoken Word, Meridian magazine and so much more, too numerous to mention. 
(Google her name....)

Joni's husband Bob is pretty famous too....
He was the voice on the game show "Let's Make a Deal". 
 Monty Hall would say, "Bob, tell them what they won!". 
 He was also the announcer on the game show
Truth or Consequences with Bob Barker.

Joni has a fun blog with some of her thoughts and funny life experiences, it's called Joniopolis.

Currently, Joni has a radio show which is broadcast online as well.
Every Saturday morning, 9 am Pacific time.
I downloaded an app for my iphone/ipad called tunein radio.
I find the station that Joni is on, and set it as my favorite.
I listen to the show as often as I can, but haven't been brave enough to call in yet!  Ha ha!!!
Maybe there is a question you have for Joni :)

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  1. We carry a lot of the Hilton's books at Deseret Book where I work. Fun reads!