Sep 24, 2018

Moroccan Lullaby

I belong to the Bees Knees, a quilting bee.
We've had and still have some pretty famous quilt fabric and pattern designers in our group.
I was so fortunate to be asked to join, this is my 5th year, I think :)
We took a little break and started off our new year this month.
It was Melissa Corry's turn, from the blog Happy Quilting Melissa.
She designed a quilt named Moroccan Lullaby.

I photography my unfinished 20 l/2" block in our new backyard in Arizona with the desert scape in the background.

This is a photo of Moroccan Lullaby, 
with all the blocks sewn together.
It can be made in many sizes and so many different 
fabric combinations.

Sep 17, 2018

Aprons for little girls!

 When your grand daughter asks you to make her an apron, you make her an apron.
But when you make her an apron, her sisters wants an apron.
So, I made all 3 of them an apron :)
I gave them some choices of fabric, and they were able to choose their own prints.

I measured them when they visited, but when I cut out the pieces, they looked way too tiny!
This is Neo's apron, she wanted the owls.

Neo is the one who asked me to make her an apron :)

Kylie chose the kitty cat fabric.

I think she likes it!
Kylie made the best smoothie I've ever had, on my birthday :)

This is Izzy's apron.
When I first made it, I thought it would fit on my 18" doll, 
but it was a little big for Red Rose.

Here's Izzy in her apron!!!

I didn't use a pattern, because aprons are easy.
I only gathered the skirt l l/2 times to the waistband.
If I were to make another, I would make the skirt wider on the waistband and make it more gathered.
I love sewing for those I love!!!

Sep 10, 2018

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

I made the Pinwheel baby quilt from a "Sweet" charm pack, by Urban Chiks for Moda fabrics.
There is a tutorial for this cute little quilt here, at Moda Bake Shop.
Jodi Nelson designed the quilt, it's one of my favorites.
All it takes is 1 l/4 yd of white and one charm pack.
I took a photo of the quilt (thanks to my husband) in Southern Utah, with the red rock mountain in the background.

I'm thrilled with my machine quilting!
I quilted swirls over the pinwheels and feathers in the border.

Prairie points are awesome too, giving the quilt added texture.

 I used a pink dot Riley Blake fabric for the background.

 My grandchildren love it when I back their quilts with soft minky.

I made this quilt for my newest grand daughter, Riley Jordan.

She is the cutest, especially when she smiles :)

This is a fast and fun quilt to make, and it's one of the most popular posts on my blog and on Pinterest.
I'm going to make some more and put them in my Etsy shop!

Sep 3, 2018

Quilty Fun Sewing Machine Cover & Mat

I love this book so much, there are still quite a few projects that I want to make from it.

This is the Sewing Machine Cover & Mat, aren't the quarter square triangles beautiful?
It's all Lori Holt fabric, except for the thread spools and the binding.

Don't examine my points too closely, lol!
I wanted to use this as a mat, not as a sewing machine cover.
It will protect my table, and is great to take on retreats.
The pockets where the spools of thread are, are very handy!

I backed the mat with Lori's Sew Cherry.
I machine quilted the mat "in the ditch".

My friend invited me to Farm Girl Chicks, a group of ladies who get together twice a month at a local quilt shop, 
and only work on Lori Holt projects.
How fun!!!
It's perfect for me :)

Aug 27, 2018

"Tell me a Story" blocks

Amy Friend from the blog "During Quiet Time" is having a 
"Tell Me a Story" block swap, you can find more info here.
The deadline to sign up is August 31.
You fussy cut the inner block, and the borders help tell the story.
Here is the story for this block:
Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood went for a walk in the woods.  She saw the most beautiful little pink bird, sitting on a branch.  It was a magical bird.  Whenever it sang, little toad stools would burst through the earth on the ground below.  This made Little Red Riding Hood so happy.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lucy.  Lucy had a pet dog named Ginger and once a year on Lucy's birthday, they would go to the circus together.  They loved the clowns, the elephants and the bears!  Most of all, Lucy loved the bright colored balloons.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Marie.  Marie had always longed to go to Paris and see the sights.  Once day a taxi whisked her away to see the Eiffel tower and the Louvre.  An artist painted her portrait along the Seine river and all of her dreams came true!

This quilt is going to be so much fun!
It's foundation paper piecing and really easy!
I hope you catch the fussy cutting bug and sign up :)

Aug 20, 2018

Spelling Bee by Lori Holt

I just love this book, I haven't made the cover quilt, but I've used it a lot!

I made this "N" for my 7 l/2 year old grand daughter Neo.
Her favorite color is blue.

I made Kylie a name strip to put above the queen bed she shares with her little sister Isabel.
I made Isabel a name strip for Christmas last year, not realizing that Kylie was sad that she didn't have one too.
She kept saying that no one will know it's her bedroom, because her name isn't written anywhere...

Now Kylie has a name to match Isabel's :)
I love a good excuse to sew, lol!

P.S. I think Lori Holt's Bee Basics line of fabric is sew happy!

Aug 13, 2018

Kylie's Tooth Fairy Envelope

Kylie, one of my grand daughters, is 5 1/2 years old and will soon be going to Kindergarten.
She called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that she has her first loose tooth, 
and asked me if I could make her a tooth fairy envelope :)

She drew a picture of the tooth fairy, I taped it to my lightbox and traced it onto fabric.

I used a white on white stripe, 
thought it would add some extra interest.

I didn't use an embroidery hoop, so it was a little tight.
I just pressed it on the back and all the puckers disappeared.

I tried to embroider the photo exactly how Kylie colored it.

The little bird pocket holds the tooth and the flap folds into the pocket.

I wrote on the front, but I should have used a fine marker.
I don't know what I was thinking!!!
Well, the fact is, I wasn't thinking!

I'm pretty sure Kylie will like it, because, well....she's 5!!!
All 5 year olds are happy and adorable.
Now I have to get it in the mail before her tooth comes out :)

You can see Kennedy's tooth fairy envelope here.
You can see Neo's tooth fairy envelope here.
You can see Reagan's tooth fairy envelope here.
You can see Maisie's tooth fairy envelope here.