Nov 19, 2014

Bees Knees, a quilting bee - November

November is Sinta's month from Pink Pincushion.
She chose the pattern "Tiled Blooms by Corey Yoder 
This block was way more easy than it looks.
The petals were fused on and stitched with a narrow blanket stitch.

I'm beyond thrilled to belong to the Bees Knees Quilting Bee.
In this bee, we choose a quilt block when it's our designated month, and we send the fabric and pattern to each of the bee members and they return it at the end of the month.
This particular pattern is offered free by Corey on her blog.

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Nov 17, 2014

Creative Hallowe'en Food

My son in law Jeremy comes from a great family.
His mom, Shauna has many fun traditions.
One of them is having her children and their families trick or treat at their home the eve before Hallowe'en, bewitching night!  
When I am in town, she always includes me in the family festivities, which I really appreciate!
Shauna is so creative and always makes things beautiful for her guests.
Here are little glass pint bottles of apple juice with polka dot and chevron striped paper straws and a black ribbon tied to look like a bat, notice the scalloped edge of the ribbon wings and the cute little white eyes :)

Next up, are "mummy" dogs.
We all love these, especially the children!!!!

Not only did we have mummy dogs, but chili as well, yummy!
Look at the beautiful wicker basket full of fall leaves and the gorgeous wicker chargers to match :)
Even the paper products match the decor perfectly, you can tell that Shauna chose them with great care.
Cute little lime napkins that add a pop of bright color!

For dessert, we had adorable little ghosts floating on orange jello mixed with whipped cream.
Read on for more cuteness!!!

Everyone got a little basket to go "trick or treating" for these darling little skeletons.
Shauna made delicious chocolate gooey brownies and topped them with pretzels dipped in white chocolate and topped with a marshmallow head.
She drew the face on with an edible marker.
The marker's not edible, but the ink is!
She wrapped them up in cellophane and tied them with an orange tulle bow.

Next up are creepy but yummy spiders :)

White chocolate bark with crushed Hallowe'en oreos and Hallowe'en sprinkles.  
Who could resist these in their cute packaging?
The bark was fabulous!

Witches hats, with chocolate kisses and caramel :)

Last but not least, were delectable ghost and cat and pumpkin shaped donuts from a luxurious gourmet donut shop.

These guys went gaga over all the deliciousness of the evening!!!

Thank you so much Shauna and Alan, for a memorable evening :)

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Nov 14, 2014

3 things off my bucket list!

To tell you the truth, I don't have a bucket list....
but if I did, these 3 things would be on it!
My daughter Lindsay asked me if I would dress up as the school mascot, a red dragon named "Fireball", for the school assembly.
I only did it because she asked me
That's me, underneath that suit, and I could hardly see a thing.
There were just two little peep holes in the eyes.

I did some dancing, some jiggling around and a lot of clapping and thumbs up.
This is my granddaughter Kennedy, she's in second grade.
On the other side of me is her sister Charlotte who's 4 years old.
Charlotte held my hand the entire time and that really helped me keep from falling over!

This is Bridger, one of my grandsons, he's in 4th grade.
He was really proud and announced to his class before the assembly, that "Fireball" was his grandmother :)
Charlotte is standing next to him.
Without giving away too much information, let me just say that the mascot outfit is sweltering inside!!!!

 I'm a city girl and I milked a cow!!!
This is "Patience", and this is a flattering photo of her.

My daughter Rebecca owns l/14th of a cow.
She gets to milk it once a week and on this particular evening, I helped her!
This is the end of Patience that isn't so flattering...
I didn't really want to touch her, but Rebecca talked me into it.
I had a really disgusted look on my face so she told me to smile :)
It took us 20-30 minutes, with Rebecca on one side and me on the other but Patience gave us about 3 gallons of very rich milk.

My granddaughter Maisie was a big help!
She stood next to me and gave me lots of confidence as I milked Patience.
Notice the mountain silhouette in the background :)

My son is a police officer, and I went on a "ride along" with him from 9:30 at night til 1:30 in the morning.
I got out of the car with him on the calls but had to stay in the car when he pulled someone over, because statistically, that is the most dangerous part of the job.
I saw lots of sad things, people who didn't have much happiness or hope in their lives.

Well, that's it, 3 things off my bucket list, pretty exciting!!!post signature

Nov 12, 2014

Into the Woods, cooking with Brook

I recently drove 10 hours by myself, from California to Utah,
to attend this incredible dinner party and to enjoy Hallowe'en with my daughters and some of my grandchildren.
Be forewarned, there are many photos here, but you will want to see them, they are amazing!!!
My daughter Lindsay hosted the 3rd annual dinner/costume party.
This year's theme was "Into the Woods".
The food and the costumes went with the theme.
Below is a cupboard full of mushrooms, and guess what?
They are all handmade and edible.
Some are meringue, others are cake pops and also truffles.
The master mind of the food was Brook, and she and Lindsay did most of the cooking, a few others helped.
Brook has a blog called Cooking with Brook.
The recipes from this party will be on the blog, hopefully sometime soon!

Lindsay and a few friends moved most of her furniture from the main floor, into the garage to accommodate the dining tables and decorations.
I shouldn't be showing you this photo, but I'm going to anyway :)

The main floor was transformed into a "woodsy" atmosphere.

Here are the tables set, the candles lit and waiting for the creatures, fairies and nymphs to arrive.

This was one of the appetizer tables pre-food :)

This was the table that the main course was served from, buffet style.

The place settings and decorations were absolutely awesome!!!

Fresh pressed directly from Clara's uncle's apple orchard.

I only managed to get a photo of one of the appetizer tables.  
On the extreme left and right is the locally foraged cheese and honeycomb.
In the center is the roasted beet and goat cheese terrine.

Before I get to the rest of the food, let me introduce some of the characters...
This is Brook the black swan and Lindsay, the deer.

This is me, I'm a fairy with wings and lots of glitter :)

Kim is a fox, Mindy is a mushroom and Cathy is Little Red Riding Hood.

I think that Jami is a fairy, her costume is beautiful!

A raccoon and another fairy.

Snow White and a raccoon :)

Clara is a Snow Queen although she has a little secret....
This is her wedding dress and she wasn't able to zip it up!

A deer :)

Stacey is a fairy and her costume was incredible!
It's her prom dress from about 20 years earlier, and she added moss, roses and lots of gold curly cues from her Christmas tree decorations :)

I think the back is amazing with the moss and silk roses.
One problem though, she forgot to leave an opening and had a difficult time putting on the dress, lol!!!

We began with freshly made butternut squash soup, in little pumpkins and acorn squashes.

Pumpkin salad with polenta and candied pumpkin seeds, drizzled with a pomegranate vinaigrette.

Porcini and rosemary crusted beef tenderloin with port wine sauce, and freshly dug roasted carrots.

Mini herbed pommes anna (potatoes)

Buche de Noel with meringue and assorted chocolate mushrooms.

Black forest cake with kirsch cherries.

This was my delicious dessert potion, I mean portion!!!

Lindsay's husband Jeremy constructed this photo wall last year and they redesigned it to go with the "into the woods" theme.

Lindsay and I at the end of the night.
Everyone took turns having their photos taken.

All 32 of the woodland creatures, minus the photographer :)

An incredible time was had by all!
I'm definitely looking forward to next year :)

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