Mar 15, 2013


My mom is visiting me from Montreal, my native land!
She is an artist, mainly a sculptor and a painter.
Mom brought some of her watercolor paints with her.
We painted together and she gave me some tips.
I have painted with watercolor in High School, I took my easel and paints, and sat in front of the Cathedral Notre Dame and painted it.
Sadly, it is rolled up in a cardboard tube.  I never got it framed.
I also painted with watercolor when I was in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Ryerson in Toronto.
We did some simple exercises.
This is Mom's flower :)

This is my flower.

This is Mom's tree, I especially love the trunk and the leaves :)

This is mine, I won't point out the things I don't like about it because everyone is always more critical of their own work!

I was at Rebecca's (my oldest daughter) house last weekend, looking after the children while Rebecca went grocery shopping.
I went upstairs and came across this beautiful artwork that Rebecca drew of  Benjamin.
  I hope that she keeps practicing, because she is so talented!

She had this ink drawing on her fridge and I took a photo, magnet and all!

I am still smocking Kylie's blessing gown, it is extremely time consuming!
I will post a  photo of my progress on Monday :)
Thanks for sticking with me. xo

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