Mar 22, 2013

Kylie's Blessing Gown, the sleeves

This is the sleeve with lace insertions and pin tucks.

I added entredeux (French for between two) to both sides of the lace insertion.  To do this, I set my sewing machine to the zig zag stitch.  The needle goes in the hole of the entredeux, takes a little bite out of the lace, and then into the next hole of the entredeux.  I have to be so careful when I do this, making sure not to take too big a bite of the lace and going into every hole.  I almost feel like I am going cross eyed!

Next, I gather the bottom of the sleeve and sew the lace insertion to the gathered fabric.  The zig zag stitch encases a beautiful little seam that won't fray.

Here is another view.

I hoped to have completed the sleeve today, but a few unexpected things came up :)
I only have to add the lace ruffle, then I will be ready to sew the sleeve to the dress.  

I always imagine my sweet little Kylie while I sew her dress!
One day when she is a grown woman (hard to imagine right now), she will remember her grandmother who lovingly sewed an heirloom blessing gown for her. Kylie can dress her little girls in the blessing gown that she wore as a baby :)

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  1. The blessing gown is going to be just gorgeous if the sleeves are any indication! I look forward to more pictures of your progress!