Mar 29, 2013

Kylie's Blessing gown, getting close!

I sewed the hem on Kylie's blessing gown, all 90" of it.

I sewed little seed pearls onto the smocked yoke.

Voila, the finished gown!
Notice the pin tucks above the hem.
I designed this dress just for Kylie, I thought of her the whole time I sewed it.

I sewed three little pearl buttons on the back.
Each button has a little flower design.
I just need to finish the slip and the smocked bonnet, and wait for the silk satin ribbon for the bonnet to arrive in the mail!

I received a special treat today, a video of Kylie laughing for the first time :)  I'll share it with you.  Be prepared to smile!!!

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  1. your smocking is just amazing. And beautiful grandbaby!

  2. Beautiful both the dress and the baby!