Mar 1, 2013

What I'd Rather Be Doing.....

I have been wondering what to post about...
There are so many fun sewing things I want to be doing, but can't right now.

I want to sew "sewing baskets", Row 12 of the Bee in my Bonnet Row Along...

I want to sew the Quilty Barn Along from Bee in my Bonnet.

I want to sew the Scrappy Trip Around the World that I've seen all over Instagram...

I've even been tempted by the Medallion Along I've seen on Instagram.  It's based on a pattern in this book "Liberty Love", by Alexia Abegg.

Di at Random Thoughts blogged about her compulsion to join other's quilt alongs.  I think I have the same problem, I just can't resist!  They are always so attractive!!!

This is the Medallion block.

Instead, I am doing something very important....
something that can't be put on hold...
something that will hopefully be passed down from generation to generation...

I'm sewing a blessing outfit for my grandson, Benjamin :)

I am smocking him an old fashioned button on suit, I posted about it here.  It will be white with off white piping and off white smocking.
I will be constructing it next week, the blessing is March 10.
(I procrastinated a little...)

Then, I will be smocking a blessing gown, bonnet and slip for my grandaughter,  Kylie.

I will make it as old fashioned and luxurious as I can!  
Kylie's gown will be off white with peach silk satin ribbon ties.

I will post more photos next week, thanks for following along :)

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  1. I am also in the middle of making two blessing dresses! Although mine are not near as ornate as yours! With two new granddaughters (one just born 2 hrs ago!) I should probably come and learn how to smock! I have always wanted to learn! You do BEAUTIFUL work!

  2. Enjoy kissing on those grandbabies. The other projects will always be there, and can wait.

  3. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has trouble turning down quilt alongs. In February I finally came to the realization that I had to give up a few (about 8, to be honest) because they were taking over! I'm still participating in about 6 BOMS and 6 "Alongs" :)

  4. Enjoy, it is not often you get to make something so precious. Those grand babies are limited but there will be many more quilt a longs. Keep us posted on your progress.