Mar 8, 2013

iphone and Android Apps

Now and then I will scroll through the App Store.
Have you ever done that, type in a key word and search it?
I typed the word fabric and 163 apps came up!
There is a Stashanize app that helps you organize your fabric!!! , but it costs $2.99.
99% of the apps I download are free, I really hate paying for them.
I will list the ones I found interesting, and they are all free.

 How Much Thread which is sponsored by Superior Threads.  It tells you how much thread you will need to sew a quilt!

 Tear N Burn.  It is 3D virtual cloth you can tear and burn! Weird....
iPhone Screenshot 1

Purex Laundry Help, it has a stain guide, fabric care, clothing label decoder and laundry timer :)
Purex Laundry Help App iPhone and Blackberry Screenshot
Washing Machine by Wimbledon Sound. It's ridiculous!!!
You watch a front loading washing machine fill up with water and spin the clothes while a rapper is singing about getting your clothes bright and clean in your washing machine.  Ha ha!!! I downloaded it just to try.  It was comical but I would never want to wash I mean watch it again.... LOL.

There are lots of apps for sewing magazines.
I did find an app that I have used a few times when I travel.
It's called Quilty.  It's really simple, it takes you to maps, your current location.  It will pin point all the fabric and quilt shops in your surrounding area.  I used it when I went to Walnut Creek and found two very nice quilt shops.  I also used it in San Francisco.

One of my favorite "fabric" apps is Jo-Ann fabrics.  
When I need to purchase pins, measuring tape, washi tape, buttons, quilt books, fabric, anything that isn't on sale......I open the app and tap on coupons and at least two 40% or 50% or 20% off entire order are there waiting for me to use.  I show the phone with the coupon to the cashier and she scans it and I save a lot of money!
Go to on your smartphone, there is always a 40% coupon on the front page that you can use in addition to the ones in the app itself.
Have fun shopping in the app store and if you find anything good that I haven't mentioned here, let me know :)

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  1. There's a Quilting Calculator app by Robert Kaufman. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but its free and could come in useful.