Oct 22, 2012

Baby Brit Quilt Along, week #11

 I showed you last week how I quilted in the ditch, and I think it makes the Union Jack blocks "pop".  I was afraid that if I did an "allover" design, that I might ruin the look....just because I'm not that experienced in machine quilting :)

I went to town on the sashing, doing a jigsaw design.  I tried to keep it as little and close together as possible.  I love the results!

I started seeing double after a while....that's a lot of stitching!

I wanted something different for the border.  I thought of flowers, but I did that once before.  I practiced a pretty swirl design on paper so I could get the hang of the curve of the swirls.

It's hard to see on the white, but here are the swirls!  

I'm pretty excited about the results.  I guess it just takes practice :)

This is the quilt, completely machine quilted.  I think it took me about 11 hours to quilt.  An hour for each of the Union Jack blocks, 3 hours for the jigsaw quilting, and 2 hours for the border.

I always love to look at the back of the quilt, but don't look too closely!  I really think that if my quilter didn't live in another state, I would have commissioned her to quilt my Baby Brit.  Then again, she just quilted two quilts for me and the expenses do add up.

Next week I will show you how I bound this quilt and that will be the end of our Baby Brit quilt along :)


  1. Oh, I love it! Nice quilting design! :)

  2. Your Baby Brit looks beautiful! I am machine quilting mine at this point and I find it very nerve-wracking! I am outlining the triangles of the union jacks and going very slowly from the inside out to try to avoid puckering. One conclusion so far: I need better lighting in the sewing room! Also, maybe some Prozac?

  3. Hahaha! Those union jacks are super cute!