Oct 12, 2012

Paperdoll Block-Applique Tutorial, part 1

This is my last paperdoll block!  I am so excited to be close to finishing this quilt.  I shouldn't fool myself though because even though this is the last block, there is still lots of detail in the sashing.

The pattern comes with this drawing.
Next, I cut a piece of tracing paper to the specified size and trace the drawn images.

Freezer paper is paper on one side and a waxy finish on the other.
I trace all the pieces that are going to be appliqued, onto freezer paper, transfer the corresponding number, and cut them out.
I iron the freezer paper (the waxy side down) to the fabric, trace with a pencil, and cut out leaving a l/4" seam allowance.

Some of the applique pieces will be embroidered.  I take those pieces, remove the freezer paper, and lay them on the drawn image on my light box.  I trace the design onto the fabric and return the freezer paper to the fabric and iron back into place.  (The freezer paper can be ironed back onto fabric about 3 times)

The applique pieces are numbered in the order they need to be sewn onto the base fabric.  Piece 1 is the left tab on the baby doll pj's.  The base fabric doesn't have any markings on it.  That is why I need the tracing paper drawing.  I place the tab under the tracing paper and make sure it is centered correctly.  Then I add a drop of glue and return the tracing paper to make sure the tab is still in the correct position.  That is when I remove the freezer paper.

These are some of the tools I use when I applique.
Cotton thread, a needle threader, straw needles, Roxanne's glue, and a thin leaded pencil.

Using the same color thread as the tab, I stitch the tab in place.

I think the reason this method of applique is called needle turn, is because when you turn the corner while stitching, you tuck the seam allowance under with the needle as you sew.

On to piece number 2.

Piece number 2 still has the freezer paper ironed on to it.

Now I'm positioning piece number 5.

I stitched piece number 5, and have positioned piece number 6.

Stitching piece number 6.

Cute little baby doll pj's. That's what they used to be called when I was a little girl in the 60's.

Piece number 7.

Piece number 8.

Piece number 9.

PJ's and bunny slippers including their tabs are all appliqued.

I hope you enjoy watching this block come alive!
This paperdoll quilt was designed by Lori Holt, Bee in my Bonnet,
and sewn by me :)

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  1. A great tutorial Cynthia. Thanks! And it's so nice to see Lori's block come alive.