Oct 26, 2012

Paperdoll Block Applique, part 3

This is the last applique tutorial for the paperdoll block.
The red gingham piece is the cuff of a pillowcase that I appliqued.

Isn't the vintage fabric for the pillowcase cute?  There is a little, teeny white pom pom trim that is sewn between the cuff and the pillowcase.  Notice the white piece that is appliqued in the bottom left corner?  What do you think that will be?

I don't know if you can tell yet, but it is a bucket of popcorn.  It will come alive when it is embroidered.

The records, are you old enough to know what they are, or are you too young?  I traced the circles onto quilting heat resistant template plastic.  Just like making a yo yo, I ran a gathering stitch around the plastic, pulled it tight so that the seam allowance folded over the template plastic.  Then I sewed a few stitches to keep the gathering stitch from coming undone.  I took the circles to the ironing board, sprayed it with some starch and pressed them.  Then I removed the template circles and was left with perfect circles.

The circle comes out easily and the fabric pops right back into shape.

See how many times I had to make the circles and sew the gathers?

They do look like records.

I position the record under the tracing paper to make sure it is in the right spot.

All of the records are appliqued.

The next layers of the records are appliqued.

Now the third layer is added.  I wanted to show you all the steps it takes to complete on of these paperdoll blocks.  I bet you had no idea!

I added the lettering at the bottom by taping the paper pattern to my light box and tracing the writing onto the fabric.  I free handed the ribbon trim onto the baby doll pyjamas. There is some other tracing on the fabric too.  The telephone has some tracing and so does the popcorn.

Next week I will show you how the applique comes alive with embroidery.  It makes a huge difference!

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  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE those records! So cute!

  2. Did you know that vinyl records are now big collector items, especially for our kids generation? My children have been collecting for years, and its so fun to see them talk about the great sound quality vrs. digital. Your applique is wonderful!