Jul 26, 2021

Snowflake quilt

 One of the quilt groups I was in wanted to make the Snowflake quilt together.  It's a really cute quilt and is a good size, measuring about 60"X 72".  

It's a really modern quilt and I thought it would be fun to make as a group.  The pandemic hit and I ended up just making it by myself.  I scoured the internet to see all the other snowflake quilts people had made.  There are an endless assortment of colors and some people even made the background in squares.  I thought and thought about it and decided that the prettiest version I could think of were the color choices on the pattern.

I even machine quilted the quilt the same way that the designer did.  I sewed horizontal straight lines across the quilt.  My lines were an inch apart.  It was really hard though, because I had to keep changing the color of thread on the top, to match the fabric.  I used three spools, a bright pink which matched the pink and the red, white, and a bright turquoise blue which also matched the green.  I used a bright turquoise green thread in the bobbin to match the back of the quilt. 

I knew that I wanted to use minky for the back since a snowflake is cold and a soft minky fabric is so warm and cozy.  I hunted for months, for the right color at my local quilt shops.  I finally found one that matched the  blue on the front perfectly.

The label is pinned on, I'll sew it later :). This quilt is going into my grandchildren pile and I think it would make a great quilt for a boy.

Here are the names and ages of my grandchildren:

Bridger - 16, Kennedy - 14, Charlotte - 11, Maisie - 11, Neo - 10, Reagan - 10, Ben - 8, Kylie -8, Lucy - 7, Paisley - 7, Isabelle - 6, Taylor - 5, Jacob - 5, Riley - 3

11 gi4ls and 3 boys, and they're all awesome!  The week of Thanksgiving, they will all be coming to visit and will get to choose one of my quilts in birth order beginning with the oldest. Eventually I will show my grandchildren pile of quilts :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Lovely Snowflake quilt, Cynthia! I keep wanting to add this to my to-do list - we'll see. Love the quilting you did. Grandchildren are so precious, looking forward to hearing which quilts each one chose.