Nov 15, 2020

Love and Stitches quilt along, finished!

 I finished my Love & Stitches quilt and even quilted it myself!  I put in a lot of time this past week getting it done, and was even hand binding yesterday morning to post it on Instagram, to qualify for the Giveaway :)  I already won a giveaway though, so it might be greedy to hope for winning another one!  A free quilt subscription for 6 months or get a quilt machine quilted for free!

I machine quilted this quilt with a simple cross hatch pattern using my walking foot.  My sweet daughter in law got on the floor, taped the back and then smoothed the layers and pinned the whole "sandwich" together.  I knew I should have taken a photo!  I am blessed with her help a lot ❤️

It doesn't show up much, but I quilted in Aurifil 2426, a light pink.  I think it adds interest and a little texture.

The backing almost looks like little rainbows.  I have a quilt shop that I go to sometimes, where the fabric is all $6.99/yard.  A great place to find quilt backings.  I didn't quite have enough, so I sewed a strip of orange to the bottom.

I really love this quilt pattern!  It was fun as well as easy and the blocks are really big, so they go together very fast.  The quilt  measures 75" X 90", a twin size.

I bought Megan Collin's "Sunshowers" pattern and want to make it in January when the holiday rush is over.  I think it's really cute and it would be a great addition to my "grandchildren stack".  

Love & Stitches makes #10 out of 15.  When I have amassed 15 "unused quilts", I'm going to have each grandchild choose a quilt starting with the oldest and working down in age, for the most part.

I think it will be so exciting, to watch them pick their favorite.  I only have one masculine so far, I need a couple more.

I'm interested in making Elizabeth Hartman's Penguin Party.

I also really want to make Pen and Paper Designs "Ghost" quilt.

This is my friend Nedra, she made her quilt to match her tee shirt!  If I'm going to make this quilt masculine, I probably shouldn't make my ghosts pink and purple, though!

I also have about six or seven quilt tops that I haven't quilted yet.  I'll just keep adding to the stack until the oldest grandchildren come to visit.  You can bet that I'll take lots of photos!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for visiting my blog :)

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  1. What a lovely idea with gifting these quilts to your grandchildren - and letting them choose their favorites. I'm sure by the time it gets to the littlest - there will still be enough to choose from. Enjoy this journey. You did a beautiful job of your Love & Stitches quilt. Love the quilting and backing on it. The Penguin quilt is also on my to-do list to make.