Sep 7, 2020

Moda Be My Neighbor

 I finished machine quilting and binding my quilt, yay!!!

It's called "Be My Neighbor" and is a free pattern by Moda from 2016.

This quilt has a great story!
I have a group of Instagram friends, there are 8 of us.
They live in Tasmania, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Utah, and Idaho.
We used to make each other gifts for Christmas and birthdays.
After a couple of years, that got to be too much to handle.
Lynette found this pattern with 16 blocks and thought it would be a great idea to make the blocks for gifts for our birthdays.
Each name was drawn and randomly assigned two blocks.
Mine were the sailboat at the bottom and the house with the bird and mailbox at the top.
When it was Cathy's birthday in Tasmania, everyone made her their two blocks and she was able to make a quilt.
We felt like we were neighbors even though we were miles apart.
The other cool thing was that we had to use Fig Tree fabric and the same background fabric.
That way, all the blocks would match.
It's really such a pretty quilt, I'm in love with it!
I posted about my quilt in 2018, here.

I'm thrilled with my machine quilting!
I used a meandering feather, 
although I'm not sure that it looks like a feather.
Either way, I'm thrilled with the outcome.
The quilting is very dense and there aren't any ripples.

I used a lot of thread!

Another thing that makes this quilt so special to me, is the back.
I had an Alexander Henry piece that was large enough to use.
Don't the people looks like they're having a great time visiting, 
just like neighbors do?
I love how colorful it is too.
It looks much more colorful in person :)

The label is from a "Sweetwater" label group that I joined,
 it's called tagged and comes at the end of every month.
Kimberly Jolly mentioned it on one of her YouTube videos.
It's always  different and my name's always printed on it.
I added some Fig Tree fabric to frame the label and sewed it on.
I think I might have to change the date to 2018-2020,
I'll do some further investigation.

Every quilt has a story, this one is about friendship.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thanks for following along :)

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  1. I love your 'Be My Neighbor' quilt! I've tucked a few of these patterns away to make some day. I especially love the story behind this quilt - so special - and perfect backing.