Mar 5, 2018

Be My Neighbor

I have some friends whom I became acquainted with, over 3 years ago, on Instagram.
We had an Instagram quilt retreat a couple of years ago, and are going to  have another one this summer.
For our birthdays last year, we decided to make this quilt.
There are 8 of us, and someone drew our names, and we were each given 2 blocks to make for each person on their birthday.
I was assigned these two blocks.

Another rule was that we used only Fig Tree fabric, that way no matter which colors or prints we chose, we knew they would match.
We also purchased the same color for the background.

There's a little bird appliqued onto a rooftop on every row.

As each block arrived, I pinned my friends names onto them.
Tazzie lives in Tasmania, Australia, so does Leanne.
Kristie lives in Utah, Nessa lives in Wyoming, Joanna lives in Oklahoma, Lynette lives in Idaho and Annette lives in Chili right now, but she lived in Utah when we were having our birthdays :)
When I saw Joanna's finished quilt on Instagram, I knew I had to get mine done!

Here's my finished quilt top, with my friends' names still pinned to their blocks!
I thought of them as I sewed their blocks into the quilt.

I'm on a self imposed fabric fast this year, because I have way too much fabric :)
I found this Amy Butler fabric in my stash, and it looks just like Fig Tree colors!
Here is the link to "Be My Neighbor" quilt, it's free!

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  1. Sweet idea! Love your quilt top - especially the little bird on the roof blocks. These patterns are so cute - and I did download make someday ;)!