Dec 30, 2018

Lucy's Toothfairy Envelope

My grand daughter Lucy just turned 5 and needed something to leave her tooth in for the tooth fairy.
I told her to draw a picture of the tooth fairy and she drew her with lots of sparkles and flowers!

I was surprised that only used a pencil, so I took the liberty of choosing the colors :)
Lucy's  hair is blonde, she has blue eyes 
and her favorite color is red.
I taped Lucy's drawing to my light box and traced the image onto white cotton, then I embroidered it.

I made an envelope for Lucy to write a letter to the tooth fairy and the little "fussy cut cat" pocket is for her tooth.

I just wrote a little something in fabric pen.

This is one of my traditions that I do for my grandchildren, making them an envelope for the tooth fairy.
This one is pretty big, the others have been pretty small.
I just go with the design I guess :)

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