Jan 7, 2019

Riley's Blessing Gown

This post has a lot of photos, because it's about my "oh so cute" grand daughter, Riley Jordan and her special day.
I began a tradition of making each grandchild an heirloom blessing gown that they can pass down to their children.
This is my fourteenth one :)

I use natural fabrics and laces, the lace on the arm band is called Swiss insertion, and the beautiful lace on the edge of the sleeve is called French lace edging.
I used Imperial Batiste for this gown, so that it wouldn't wrinkle.

I embroidered the yoke and added seed pearls.
The edge of the lace with the little holes, is called entredeux.
Entredeux is French for "between two".
Attaching entredeux is very difficult on the eyes, lol!
It's attached with a zig zag stitch, and each time the needle crosses over, it has to catch each little hole with the needle.
This machine method finishes off the seam allowances, but each piece of lace is attached using 3 different methods.
It's very labor intensive.
Each of the 14 gowns (3 have been for boys) 
I've made are unique.

This is the slip, which I've made for each gown.
Each of those pieces of lace have been attached to each other separately.

I embroidered a design at the front of the hem, 
also with seed pearls.

In the 1800's or earlier, when women hand made these gowns,
they would embroider the child's initials at the back of the hem.
The intent is that each child who wears the gown will have their initials embroidered to the existing initials.
Eventually, there will be initials embroidered all around the hem.
That's partly why I use natural fibers, 
so that it will last throughout the years.
The first name (Riley) is always in the middle, her middle initial J, is on the left, and her family name H is on the right.
That's the old fashioned way to do it!

I also use mother of pearl buttons on the back.

Here comes cuteness overload, but Riley was very serious.
I looked after her one evening and she missed her mom :)

This is Riley in her gown and bonnet, the day of her blessing.

This is Riley's pretty mom, Kimalee.
There was a lot going on that day, and I wasn't able to get a photo of Riley with both of her parents.

This is my favorite!

I also smock the bonnet and use silk satin ribbon.

I borrowed Riley from her aunt for a quick photo, but she was pretty done with pictures, lol!

I mean really done!!!!

Riley has a beautiful smile, and here it is!

If you've followed this far, thank you :)


  1. I don't usually comment for you, but the gown is stunning. Your family must be thrilled to see the work you have put into each gown. BTW - Riley is gorgeous, both in the gown, and in her civvies.

  2. Riley is such a cute bundle! What a labour of love involved in sewing these beautiful gowns. They will be treasured!

  3. I know the girls will cherish each one. They are so beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work and love.

  4. Breathtaking gown. You are so blessed to be so talented...and to have such a beautiful baby in Riley. Your family is very lucky to have such incredible heirlooms.