Dec 17, 2018

Christmas Decor

There's a little space that my vintage ladder fits in perfectly!
I'm displaying Lori Holt's
 "Have yourself a quilty Little Christmas" quilt.
That was such a fun quilt to make!
Lori posted tutorials for the blocks one at a time, on Instagram.
When all the blocks were made, 
they all came together like a puzzle.

This full size nutcracker stands guard at the front door.

In the hall, we have a Norwegian Santa.

 I've been collecting bottle brush trees and 
vintage Christmas houses.
I really love vintage decor, it reminds me of the decorations my mother put up when I was a little girl.

 This is my little Santa corner.

I didn't put up our Christmas tree this year, so I decorated our winter wonderland trees.

Those boxes are gifts from one of our daughters :)
The stockings are handmade in Czechoslovakia, they belonged to my brother and I many years ago!

This little cutie is our grand daughter Maisie.
Her dad is dressed up as Santa, 
that's why she looks so relaxed and trusting.

I love this shot of Santa and our son Sean when he was 5 years old.
Santa told him to take a nap and snap, we have a memory!

Love, love, love this photo of our grandchildren!!!
Lucy sees something horrific in the book, or maybe she's terrorized just because she's sitting in Santa's lap!
It's so funny how the other children are 
completely ignoring Lucy's terror, 
looking very angelic and peaceful.

My mother in law purchased this nativity when she visited Israel.
They are hand carved out of olive wood.

I really love Jim Shore's creations, especially this nativity.
Jim carves and paints quilted motifs on all of his work.

You can't live in Arizona without some cactus decor!
Next year I'll adorn them with some little lights.

I patterned my hot chocolate stand from Pottery Barn.
I'm going to give it a Valentine theme after Christmas.

Thanks so much for following along :)

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  1. Your house is a little Christmas village come to life. So many lovely corners to look at and admire. Love your display quilt ladder. Merry Christmas, Cynthia!