Jan 12, 2015

Thimble Blossoms and Heather Ross

It's time to make another baby quilt for a little grand daughter who is due at the end of February :)
I perused my patterns and found this old Thimble Blossoms pattern.
I thought it would be a great pattern to showcase some pretty fabric.
 My cherished Heather Ross collection came to mind!

I really love Heather's fabric, and have the entire Far, far away line in my stash.
I adore this unicorn in her lovely field of wildflowers!
Just imagine how heavenly their scent is....
I pressed Wonder Under to the circles, which is so easy to work with.
I used a blanket machine stitch to attach them to the background.
Before I did that, I had to buy some more Aurifil thread to match the unicorn circles, yay!

I disected the unicorns in half vertically, for the half squares.
One of the halves has a unicorn head and the other has the unicorn's  behind! Ha ha!!!
I didn't know how else to do it!!!
Kind of weird because they're all chasing their rear ends....
What made me think of pairing Far, far away with this pattern in the first place, was how I could place the cute Princess and the pea images.

I tried lots of different sashing colors to frame the unicorns, this bright orange stood out the best :)

I love the outside border, pink with yellow polka dots which sort of gives a hint of orange.
Now which color rick rack?
I like the pink, but needed another opinion.
My daughter Lindsay liked the pink best, so the pink won!

I hung the quilt on my tree in the backyard for the best light.
The sun was shining brightly so there was a little too much light!

Did I tell you how much I love these unicorns?
Notice the strawberry fabric at the top?
They are from Heather Ross' Briar Rose line.
Yes, I have that entire line in my stash also :)

Here's the finished quilt, bound with yellow.
It's backed with really soft pink minky, I didn't use any batting.
This method (without batting) gives the quilt a silky drape.
The quilt is so soft and pliable, that it kind of ripples a little.
This  quilt will be perfect for swaddling babies.

I machine quilted this quilt with a wavy stitch which is apparent on the minky back.

I didn't design this pattern, but I did do a lot of designing in the way that I used Heather Ross' fabric :)
I'm going to make some matching burp pads with the leftover minky and more Far, far away fabric.
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  1. Oh Cynthia, love the fabric and the soft, cuddly backing. Perfect for a new little one!

  2. Oh Cynthia - that is adorable! I love how you put your own spin on the Babydoll pattern. Love the unicorns too. That is going to be a great quilt for swaddling babies. Great job - as always! :)