Jan 5, 2015

Claira and Clancy, a sewing pattern

I love making stuffed animals, although the thought of it is often intimidating to me.

The detailed instructions and photos were so easy to follow.
The pattern pieces were printed on one side of the paper only, so there was no tracing involved, I just cut the pattern pieces out.
That saved me a lot of time!
I cut out all the pattern pieces, began sewing and stuffing.

The arms are pinned, ready for me to hand sew them closed.
Lots of extra cute details too.
See those water soluble blue pen marks?
Those are the markings for their dimpled arms and legs :)

The bodies are completely sewn, and the legs are sewn into the body seam.
I just need to stuff them, easy peasy!!!
Notice their little noses?
Another detail is the snout, which will be stuffed and sewn on later.

Ta Da!  All stuffed, with the snout sewn on and the arms attached.
The only thing that worried me, were the arms.
I used a doll needle (about 6" long) and attached one arm through the body, to the opposite arm, and though the buttons.
I sewed back and forth quite a few times.
I think these little pigs are meant more for a bedroom decoration and mild play, rather than being touted around by a young child.
The arms did come loose after some play and needed some general surgery to reattach them!

I am in love with the felt eyes, with a little bead in the middle.
The pattern had instructions for lazy daisy eyelashes, but I preferred mine without them.
The felt flower adornments and ribbon are precious too, they add a loving touch.

Clancy's eyes are a different color than Claira's, and isn't his corsage adorable?

What a lovely couple Claira and Clancy make!
Both dolls are 24" tall.

 I used all of Heather Bailey's fabric for these pigs, except for Claira's dress and bloomers....I used Lori Holt's Flower Patch fabric.
The hoofs aren't Heather Bailey either, I don't know who designed that fabric.

My grandaughter's name is Charlotte, she's 4 years old.
I bought this pattern for her about 3 years ago, but waited until Charlotte was a little older to make them for her.
I liked the pigs because of the story "Charlotte's Web", and because Charlotte loves stuffed animals.
I fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw it!!!

I had no doubt that Charlotte would fall in love with Claira and Clancy, just as I did :)

Charlotte is the cutest girl, full of spunk and happiness!
I knew that she would appreciate these little pigs :)

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  1. Wow, so cute! I often wished I had the ambition to attempt something like this.My oldest daughter works in a Nursery Barn with little pigs as a Vet Technician, she would love these. Yours are so bright and cheerful and Charlotte's smile couldn't be brighter!

  2. That smile on her face holding her piggys says it all!! What a sweetie. The piggys are cute cute cute. Thanks for sharing the pattern info!

  3. Those little pigs are adorable as is Charlotte! My granddaughter has loved pigs since she was little. I made her a pieced pig quilt (pigs and posies) a couple of years ago. I can't believe you would be intimidated by sewing these, you are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am partway through making this! In one of the last steps where you sew front to back body with the stuffed legs inside, I am finding that I can’t sew the whole way around (particularly the narrowest point at the neck) because the legs are in the way. Did you find this? I am wondering whether I’ve overstuffed the legs, so they’re not compressible enough. Thanks!