May 5, 2014

Spending time with Family

We have the most wonderful week planned!
I will be spending a whole week with these little guys by the swimming pool, as well as all 6 of our adult children and their spouses.

Bridger is 8, Kennedy is 6, Charlotte is 4 and 
Lucy Jane is 8 months old.

Maisie is 3 l/2.

Maisie's little brother Benjamin is 18 months old.

Reagan is 3 l/2 and her baby sister is due in 2 weeks!

Neo is 3 l/2 and her little sister Kylie is 15 months old.
That's also my son Addison and his wife 
Mabulane (pronounced: ma-boo-lah-nee).

My daughter Vanessa (with Maisie ) is married, but doesn't have any children yet.

... and of course Sean, who has just returned from Brazil.
We are drinking chimarrao :)

This will be the first time we will all have been together for over 2 years.
We will be taking family photos, which I'm very excited about!
We have a talent show planned, a Brazil night, Family Home Evening, lots of games and laughing and good food!
We will be making lots of memories :)
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  1. Cynthia - I wish you a WONDERFUL time with the whole family! We too have a wonderful week and weekend planned. Our oldest son - who lives on the west coast - surprised us with his wife and our 18 mo. grandchild and are staying through Mother's Day weekend. So we will all be together - a special Gift!!