May 2, 2014


Scissors are really important, no matter what your craft is!
These are the 4 scissors I use for sewing.
The ones on the left are Fiskars softouch razor.
I have used them for years, usually when I'm cutting out a dress, or other garment.  It has long, sharp blades that glide along the fabric.
I never use them for anything else except cutting out patterns.

I use the purple pair for cutting threads when I can't find my yellow pair!  Ha ha!!! I don't remember the brand name, but I bought them at a quilt shop.

The yellow pair are Olfa.
I love these scissors and use them all the time!!!
They are little, lightweight and great to keep by the sewing machine.
I use them to cut apart my quilt chain stitching too!

I use the stork scissors for hand sewing.
I use them when I embroider, appliqué, smock, or hand sew my quilt bindings.
They're little and they travel well.
I made the mistake of taking them with me on the airplane shortly after 9/11, and they were confiscated.
I was heartbroken.
After that, I travelled with nail clippers.
Nail clippers will also cut embroidery thread :)

These are my paper scissors, I bought them in a 3 pack at Ikea.
I only use them for paper, and they have stayed really sharp.

All sewers know to only use your sewing scissors for fabric and thread, and only use your paper scissors for paper.
If this simple rule is followed, you will always have sharp scissors.
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  1. Great tips! I have a pair of scissors I mistreat and use for paper and fabric, they are ok but will not stay sharp for very long, I'm sure!! Love the little stork pair, I have a small pair I use for thread by my sewing machine and love them!!

  2. Thank you Cynthia - love your little happy face on the red paper scissor. Yes I try to keep my scissors separate - the problem is when someone in the family needs a scissor......I need a little alarm that shouts - "Only Fabric" on my Sewing Scissor.

  3. My paper scissors are in a little tin on the desk in the kitchen for daily use. I keep my fabric scissors out of reach of the family (out of sight, out of mind) - they are in various places in my studio, but not readily available for the use of others. I do keep my Gingher thread snips always handy for me though - It is on a little tool hanger thingie from Fons and Porter. I clip it to my chothing every morning and it is always with me as I use it at my machine AND for handwork. You are so right that our tools need to be cared for and respected...