May 21, 2014

Great Granny Sew Along

I'm having so much fun making Lori Holt's Great Granny quilt.
Here are the first and second blocks that I made.

I am using mostly Pam Kitty fabric with a touch of Lori Holt.
I thought Greg's quilt looked so beautiful with the black trim, making the pink colors pop.
I wished that I had picked up some black, but it never appealed to me, until I saw Greg's quilt.

Greg from Grey Dogwood Studio said that he would send me some of his black Pam Kitty scraps to use in my Great Granny quilt.
I am in between trips today, and was able to check the mail.
Look what I found!
A beautifully wrapped package tied with a lovely green ribbon :)

Greg sent me 1/4 yard pieces, he is very generous and thoughtful :)
I can hardly wait to have time to sew again, so I can incorporate these beautiful black pieces amongst the rest of my Pam Kitty squares for the Mama blocks.

I encourage all of you to check out Greg's blog, it is eye candy!
He writes about all his gorgeous projects, and he has a great talent for choosing colors.
post signatureHe is a quilting inspiration!


  1. Your quilt is stunning. How very generous of Greg to send you such lovely fabrics for using. Creative Quilting Bliss...

  2. Aww, thanks, Cynthia! Your Great Granny is looking very pretty!