Oct 2, 2013


I started making these l" hexagons years ago when I saw the tutorial on "Bee in my Bonnet's blog here
They are fun, fast and fabulous!
I made a whole basket full but have never done anything with them, they have just been sitting in the basket.

I always like to take some handwork with me on a trip.
I got out my little hexies and arranged them in ziplock bags.
On my trip to Montreal, I had a few occasions to take out my hexies and handsew them together.
What pretty little flowers!
I'm not sure what I'll do with them, I would like to make a mini quilt, a pillow and maybe even a larger quilt.
I'd even like to make some with each hexie a different print.

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  1. I love making hexies, too. I have a large project in the works. I am calling it my two year project. =)


  2. My very first quilt to make was an English Paper pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden. Something very calming about hand work.

  3. Cynthia, do you follow sewdeerlyloved on Instagram? She's AMAZING at paper piecing! Yours are beautiful! It's on my lengthy "to-do" list :)