Oct 9, 2013

A Princess Dress

This is Neo and Charlotte, two of my grand daughters.
They both like to dress as princesses :)
Charlotte has a lot of princess dresses, but Neo doesn't have any.

This is Neo in the dress I made for Charlotte. 
Neo's favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

I was very fortunate and found some super sparkly fabric to make a princess dress for Neo for her 3rd birthday.
My motto is the more sparkly, the better.
I spent days making this dress, there are 6 layers in the skirt!

I love the shirred overlay, it's made out of glittery tulle.

Do you think it looks like Belle's dress?

The bodice is lined with satin, but I didn't line the sleeves.

The hem is scalloped, I didn't have to do anything to it.

Do you notice the illusion of pink under the skirt?

I sewed three layers of pink tulle under the yellow lace skirt.
My cousin calls it crinoline, which brings back lots of girly memories from my childhood :)

I'm excited to see Neo's reaction when she opens her princess dress.
I think she will be in "princess heaven"!!!

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  1. Sooo cute, Cynthia. Such beautiful grand daughters. And great job on the dress. Having just gotten back from Disneyland where EVERY little girl seemed to be walking around in a Princess Dress, they would be the Belles of the Ball.

  2. Your princess dress is beautiful and I know little Neo is going to love it!

  3. Oh, my gosh, that is adorable! What a happy project to make! It looks gorgeous.

  4. What a lucky girl Neo is? I think it is a fantastic Belle dress! Good job.

  5. I hope you post a picture of Neo opening the box, seeing it for the first time and wearing it 24/7!!