Oct 23, 2013

Table painted with "Annie Sloan" chalk paint.

I love painting furniture and have recently discovered some fabulous paint!  
It's Annie Sloan chalk paint, and it can paint over anything without having to strip finishes or prime the piece of furniture first.
I did quite a bit of research on it through you tube and pinterest.
The paint is a little pricey but since it goes such a long way, I think that it is a good investment.
If you want to read about the paint, you can go to Annie Sloan's website here.
I bought a can of "Florence", it's a perfect shade of turquoise!

Whoops, I almost forgot to take a photo of my little table before I started painting it!

It's not an expensive piece of furniture, but I really like it's shape :)

I guess that since the sun was shining through the windows, the color showed up a little lighter than it really is.
This is a pretty color too!

I sanded the table a little in areas to give it a distressed look.
Then I waxed the table and waited 24 hours before I buffed it.
The color still looks lighter than it actually is.

The table will go beside my red couch.
This is the true color of the table, it will add a nice "pop" of color to the room.
I just put the vase of flowers on the table, I'm looking for a little lamp to go there instead.

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  1. My daughter uses that same paint and loves it too! In fact, I think she used that very same color to paint the dresser in her bedroom.

  2. Ooooh Cynthia! That's adorable! That chalk paint really is getting more and more popular . My friend just painted a headboard with it and loves it.