Sep 30, 2013

Montreal's Architecture and Statues

I'm home from Montreal now, and ready to get back to work sewing and blogging.
I walked a lot with my brother Paul, and did a lot of walking on my own while my mother was at her painting class.
Here is some of the beautiful architecture and statues I saw in the city.
This is the Westmount City Hall, taken from the inside of the car when it was raining.  It looks like a castle!

A beautiful church in Old Montreal.

This is also Old Montreal, the road is made of cobble stones.

Can you imagine someone being serenaded from this balcony?

Lots of copper on this edifice!

Even though Montreal is a large city, there are still lots of green parks.

We had our backs to the St. Lawrence river when I took this photo.

This is St. Jacques Square, the heart of Old Montreal.

 The weather was beautiful :)

That's my brother Paul from the back, he knows the history of all the buildings and statues in Montreal.

Corinthian columns and lots of detail.

Paul said that the gold building with the clock tower is his favorite.
In the distance, do you see the spires of the Cathedral Notre Dame?

Paris, France, gave part of their Metro gates to the city of Montreal as a gift.

We're out of Old Montreal and into the heart of the city.  
The building to the extreme right is called Place Ville Marie.
There is an underground network of shopping malls and restaurants under these buildings that goes on for blocks.
It's great in the winter when it's really cold and you don't want to go outside.
Take the underground metro and shop and live underground :)

Another church with many saints on the roof.

This is me and my tour guide and baby brother, Paul.

I love this photo of my mom, I took it on the sly!

This is where my mother lives, a beautiful, historic building in Westmount.

 Every year, their flowers are a different color :)

My mother's apartment is pretty spacious and has lots of character.

I hope you enjoyed my little mini tour  of my favorite city :)

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time going home and being with family is the best.