Sep 25, 2013

Food, delicious food!

I am visiting my family in Montreal, Quebec.
My brothers Paul and Wayne, and our mom, Elizabeth.
This photo was taken at Miss Italian, a pizza restaurant we frequented, growing up.
We ordered an extra large with veggie on one half and pepperoni on the other half.
I was the bright one who said "extra cheese"!
I'm not kidding, each slice had half a pound of cheese, gag!!!
Despite the cheese, it was extremely yummy!
Only one and a half slices for me thank you ;)
Schwartz on St. Laurent has the best smoked meat in Montreal!It isn't pastrami, it's closer to corned beef, but not's Montreal smoked meat. You have to taste it to believe it!
At Schwartz', you have to share a table with other people, the atmosphere isn't very good, and they only accept cash. I have a secret to share with you... Directly across the street is a restaurant called "The Main." They serve the exact same smoked meat and fries, and you get to sit at your own table, and the ambiance is a little better. The Main accepts credit cards too.
Mom and I went to "The Maharaja", an East Indian restaurant. They have a huge buffet, with every type of Indian food you can imagine, even desserts!
Paul and I went on our annual walk together, which means miles and mikes of brisk walking, looking at all the architecture and historical landmarks. We are luch at a creperie in View Montreal, called "Chez Suzette". The crepe was good, but definitely not the best I've ever had.
Walking through CN station, I snapped some photos of this bread!
I have a thing for Macarons. These beautiful pink ones were huge and instead of frosting in the middle, there were raspberries! Yum!
Loved seeing all of these cinnamon rolls :)
Nothing beats Mom's cooking! She made some delicious soup for us!
I hope you've enjoyed my food experience with me. Maybe someday you'll be in Montreal and remember these restaurants :)
Au Revoir!


  1. Cute family picture. I see such a strong resemblance between you and your mother. Enjoy all of that food!

  2. So you aren't home yet! :) looks like you are having fabulous weather and fantastic food! Do you miss living there ?