Dec 10, 2012

Doll Bassinet

My husband and I bought this cute doll for Maisie, one of our grand daughters.  It is a Corolle doll from France and has a soft bean filled body that is fun to carry around, hug and snuggle.  The doll always smells like baby powder too, even after being thrown in the washing machine.
Maisie's baby brother was born eight weeks early in September.  He is a little over nine pounds now, but we thought it would be fun to get her a doll that looks like her brother Benjamin.

I made a doll bassinet for three other grand daughters last Christmas, you can see them here, in an older post.
The bassinet takes a little time to make, but is still quite simple.
The tutorial tells you to machine quilt the body of the bassinet, like the hatching on Moses' basket.  These are all the pieces used to make the bassinet.

The tutorial can be found at Pinterest, on my "stuff to make for the grandkids" board, found here.  The link for the tutorial can be found here.  I made a mistake and quited the bassinet like a quilt.  I had to cut extra fabric for the lining again and resew it!!!  I was watching Hallmark Christmas movies and got distracted....Lol....

This is the finished doll bassinet.  I really like the baby blue rick rack trim instead of lace.  I think it is more baby boyish :)  I will show you the rest of the accessories I made for Maisie's baby boy doll in my next post.  Stay tuned!

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