Dec 3, 2012

Mandarin Oranges and Pomegranates and grandchildren

While our family was visiting, we went to a mandarin "satsuma" orange grove.

I had never seen mandarin orange trees until I moved to California.

We took some photos while we were in the orange grove.  Notice how Kennedy has her leg lifted?  That means she is very happy!  Whenever she gives her family a kiss, her leg goes!!!

Kennedy loves to pose for photos, she wants her arms around Bridger and Charlotte, but Charlotte is not cooperating and Bridger is trying to talk Charlotte into keeping still!  A rare occurence.....that little 2 year old is always on the go!

Charlotte won't cooperate, but Bridger will!  Bridger is such a good sport with his sisters. By the way, that is Bridger's "smile" for the camera.  He isn't being impatient or anything, I think that he thinks that he is smiling naturally for the camera :)

Kennedy adores her big brother, he still has that fake smile!

Finally, a natural smile from Bridger :)

There were even some pomegranate bushes!  I have never seen one before!  Most of the pomegranates were cracked like this but we were told that they were still perfectly fine to eat.

The lady who worked at the grove told us to immerse the pomegranate in cold water and scoop out the seeds.  The juice won't stain your skin and the seeds float to the stop.  Good to know!

We have been eating a lot of mandarin oranges, they are sweet and juicy.

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  1. Our citrus trees and pomegranate bushes are just about ready here, too. Very yum!

  2. Where was this farm? How much do they charge for the pomegranates and mandarines? Do you get to pick your own?