Dec 17, 2012

My Christmas Decorations

I thought I would show you the Christmas decorations I put in my house.  As you know from experience, it is an enjoyable but strenuous job.  It is nice to have someone to share it with!  I need to mention that we lived in a different house last year, it is both
exciting and a challenge to decorate a new home.

We have a cubicle in our family room that is meant to hold our television.  It's too small for our TV, so I have a lot of fun decorating it for different holidays or seasons.  I needed something tall for this space and bought the silver tree at Hobby Lobby, it was half price.  I love the vintage village buildings.  I bought the church at Home Goods, and put some white lights in the back.  The windows shine red just like cathedral windows.

I really like the glitter!

I love how the light shines at night.  I haven't unplugged the lights since I set it up!  I wonder how long they will last before burning out.....

Last year, I hung these decorations from a chandelier.  I had to be creative this year and found a light.  I used blue painter's tape to attach the ribbons to the inside of the light frame.

I love this plate, so I use it as a decoration at Christmas and throughout the winter season.  My daughter gave me the idea to use cupcake wrappers as decorations.

This is the centerpiece on my table.
Notice the log cabin table runner?  It's not Christmasy, but I love it.

These red balls didn't fit on the Christmas tree this year, so I displayed them in a basket, under a lamp.

We have a fireplace again!  I showed you how I painted the mantel here.  It is really white and my dark colored ornaments just didn't match.  I went to TJ Maxx and Home Goods and bought some new things to add some glitter and sparkle.

I've had this jar for years and love putting sparkly gems in it at Christmas.  A good friend gave me the silver ornament.

I saw these snow globes at West Elm and they were really expensive.  I found these ones at TJ Maxx 

The candleholder pedestal was a dark metal color.  I haven't used it in a while.  I spray painted it silver and love the new look!
I had to give away all of my candles before I moved, so I bought this one with Jingle Bells music on it.

I made the red and green stocking for my husband and myself when I was pregnant with our first child.  I gave my four oldest children the felt stockings I made for them.  I still have Vanessa's, she and her husband are coming to spend Christmas with us.  Sean is in Brazil, serving a two year church mission.  This is the first Christmas that we will be apart.  The nutcrackers remind me of Sean, most of them belong to him!

This is the open space above the cubby where the TV was supposed to go.  It is a really tall space, so I leave it this way all year and just change the flowers in the trunk and the ornaments.  My daughter's parents in law gave us the bell and the Jim Shore Santa.  We have become close with them over the years.  My son in law's mom has really good taste.
Well, that concludes the sharing for today, I will post more on Wednesday and Friday.  See you then!
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  1. How enjoyable to see your decorations - especially how you mix things (I'd love to see a pic of your tree). Where did you find the sheet music candle? What color are your walls (the gold/yellowish color is so rich looking with the white woodwork). Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for updates on the paper doll quilt.

  2. You look all ready for Christmas! It's always fun to find new spaces to decorate with a new house. Our boxes are still packed in a storage unit, so hopefully next year I will be able to pull everything out and decorate again. It has made it less stressfull this year, though :)