Oct 3, 2012

Kennedy's Quilt

This is the first wall hanging quilt that I made.
I made it for my first grand daughter Kennedy, and she is now 
5 years old.
This quilt was a lot of fun putting together, deciding which fabric goes where.

I hand appliqued "Kennedy" with a blanket stitch.
There a lot of "peek a boo" embroidery on the quilt.

I also made Kennedy "Ellie" the elephant.

My daughter Lindsay, made the pillows and quilt on the back of the chair.

I cross stitched Rainbow Brite for Lindsay when she was three years old, about 27 years ago.
Lindsay modernized the cross stitch, but painting the frame aqua.

The colors in the room all match the quilt perfectly.

I love the little embroidered pieces that Lindsay made for her
 2 year old daughter, Charlotte.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos of Kennedy's quilt, and the mini tour of Kenned and Charlotte's bedroom decor.
I go back home today, after being away from home for a month.
I will miss all my children and grand children but will be happy to return home to my poor husband who has been alone all this time.
The "Baby Brit Quilt Along" will resume on Monday.

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  1. What a very special share ... beautiful quilt and touching memories you've all created. Thank you so much! Beautiful work ... truly!!