Oct 8, 2012

Baby Brit Quilt Along, week #9

post signatureHi everyone!  I am finally home after helping my daughter in her home for a month.  Baby Benjamin is doing well and Maisie is adjusting to having a new baby brother :)
As promised, I added the sashing to my baby brit blocks.
Originally I purchased white fabric with red polka dots for the sashing, but I felt it was too busy. I decided to sash the quilt in white. 

 I also had a difficult time choosing the fabric for the posts that go in between the sashing. The pattern suggests using the fabric used in the blocks, but it seemed to be too loud and I didn't want the posts to show up more than the blocks.  I found some pale blue Kona that I think works really well.  It is a soft color and matches the light blue polka dot and flowered fabric in the blocks.

I like it!

Now for the border.....I was going to use white but now it seems  as though there is too much white. Here is the polka dot fabric that I was going to use for the sashing.  Which do you think looks better?

I decided to go with the polka dot fabric.
By the way, the pattern tells you to cut too much fabric for the border.  Only cut seven 5"XWOF strips for the border fabric.

I like the polka dot fabric, but there is something missing....

I don't redo my quilts very often, but I just had to this time!
I unpicked all of the polka dot borders that I sewed and added some red rick rack.

I think the red rick rack adds a lot of pizzazz!

What do you think?
Next week I hope to have the machine quilting done to show you :)


  1. Hi Cynthia, your quilt looks great. I love the fabric you have used in the blocks, it is super cute but you also have great contrast so the union jacks show up really well. I totally agree that the addition of the red ric rac makes this quilt - the sashing and the border were blending in together a bit but this makes everything pop. Good call!

  2. Your quilt looks great now...You completely read my mind through every single step and change. Good Job, and the ric rac was the perfect addition, the unpicking was well worth it!

  3. Great quilt. The ric rack and the dotted border were the perfect choices.

  4. Looks so cute Cynthia!!!...I think the white sashing and the border are perfect.
    (and you already know what I think about the ric rac...so cute)

  5. White sashing...perfect! Polka dot border...perfect! Red ric-rac... the icing on the cake! Love it!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the rick rack and the polka dots too!!!

  7. The red rick rack makes such a difference! Good call!