Aug 1, 2012

Jim Shore

A few months ago, my husband and I were strolling down the streets of historic Folsom, California.  I noticed in the window of a storefront, that award winning artist Jim Shore was going to be at  Dorothea's on Sutter Street on July 28.  I wrote it in my calendar, and my sweet husband took me there on Saturday for Jim Shore's signing.  Are you familiar with Jim Shore's work?  He incorporates quilt designs into his work.  He is famous for patriotic, holiday and Disney pieces.  I chose a really pretty angel, called "I Welcome Thee".

I loved the rich colors and I have a lot of reds in my home.
The pineapple has long been recognized as a colonial symbol of hospitality and today remains a hallmark of warm and gracious entertaining.
I think her face is very soft and detailed.

Look at those gorgeous quilt blocks!

Jim was so personable!  I told him that I loved how he incorporated quilt blocks into his art.
He said, "My grandmother was a quilter.  She specialized in crazy quilts, and used to show me how she did the different embroidery stitches.  That made an impression on me and to this day when I create a piece and incorporate the quilt designs, I think of her."

I am now a huge fan of Jim Shore's artwork :)

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  1. Such a pretty angel! I do love the quilt blocks on her dress. :)