Jun 3, 2024

Collector's Edition Quilt

I was collecting really cute Cotton and Steel fabric and Ruby Star Society fabric for about 10 years, just waiting for the perfect project Whenever I found a piece that I couldn't live without,  I would add it to my collection. One day as I was looking on the internet, I found this pattern.  A great way to display my favorite fabrics!

You can see my post here when I was choosing the prints.

Here's my finished quilt!

I pieced some pink Rudy Star fabric on the back.

Can you see the daisy quilting motif that my long armer used?  I love it so much!  Her name is Marti and you can find her at Lynny Lou's Crafts in Gilbert, Arizona.

I found the best spot to photograph and show off my quilts!

This quilt was so much fun to make.  I made it during a quilt along.

Now I can use the fabric I was collecting in other quilts because I know it has been beautifully shown in this quilt.

Thanks for following me, I'll see you next week :)

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  1. Love, love all the pictures you took of your beautiful quilt, Cynthia!! I know the feeling of having to make that one quilt, then the rest of the fabrics are 'free' to use for other projects. You are always such a wonderful inspiration!