Nov 14, 2021

Sewing bags

 Since I have all of my "grandchildren" quilts sewn....I've been wondering how to occupy all my newly acquired free time ❤️

I learned a long time ago that unless I have some ideas in my head and maybe even on paper, I can waste a lot. of time.  I've been decorating for Christmas and reading some books and preparing for our family reunion.  I've also been making some bags.  I've made about 8 Sew Together bags for gifts, but I've never made one for myself.  One of my favorite designers is Rifle Paper Co, so I used this fun "Alice in Wonderland" gold on black fabric along with some Rifle Paper flowers.  

The side is pretty colorful!  Each zipper coordinates with the color of flower fabric that I used.  Of course, I'm only as good as my fabric and zipper stash.... I think you can see that the inner lining is a black fabric with gold stars.  Not quite as scrappy as other bags I've made :)

The first pocket is pink.

The second pocket is yellow.

The third pocket is green.

The bag is matchy matchy with a punchbag I made a few weeks ago.

I love this Sew Together bag, but I may just gift it to someone special instead of keeping it for myself :)

I also made three more lined drawstring bags.  

Choosing fabric is the best!


  1. Your bags are so, so cute and love each design and the fabrics you chose. You definitely need to keep one for yourself, but I know the joy of gifting. Enjoy your Christmas decorating - and looking forward to your family reunion.

  2. I look forward to receiving your emails. You are talented and fortunate to have so many family members to create beautiful things for. My favorite has been the selvage dress! Keep sewing 孝! K