Nov 1, 2021

Halloween 2021


I'm a little late with my post, but my Hallowe'en was spooktacular!!!

I'm going to show you how all of our 14 grandchildren transformed themselves for this fun night! I didn't get a photo of our oldest grandson who's 16.

Maisie (11) is dressed as a devil along with her cousin who is an angel ❤️

I'm not really sure who Ben (9) is dressed as, but he's cute!

Jacob (5) is a counter terrorist.  His Dad loved making the costume!

Charlotte (11) is Mother Gothel and Lucy (8) is Rapunzel.

Lucy has dreamed of having long hair since before she was even one year old!  Well, now she realizes just how heavy long hair is!!!

Once the wigs went on, they were transformed into their characters :)

My daughter Lindsay has been creating a Disney Haunted Mansion on her home.  She dresses as one of the maids and Kennedy (14) walked back and forth on the upstairs balcony like a ghost with spooky music playing loud for all to hear.

Reagan (10) was a beautiful Carmen Santiago.

Paisley (7) was an astronaut.  

Taylor (5) is Glenda the good witch.

Riley (3) is Tinker Bell.

Their parents were Bellatrix Lestrange and a dementor!

Izzy (6) was Estella, Kylie (8) was a Dalmatian and Neo (11) was Cruella.

Izzy was the perfect Estella!  The perfect size and the wig and outfit were so cute on her.

Cruella had 'FUTURE' on her forehead, just like the movie!

Cute little Dalmatian ❤️

My husband and I were Hagrid and Professor McGonagall.  
My husband was the perfect Hagrid!

I created Hogwarts in my trunk at the Trunk or Treat.

My son dressed as an 8foot Sasquatch (on stilts).  He terrified me in his costume about 6 years ago when I didn't know that it was him!!!

The same son and his family and our youngest grandchild, Sabrina.  A cute Star Wars family!


Two of our sons live a few blocks away from us and we had our 2nd annual Halloween party.  The meatballs had eyeballs in them!

I was a "Grammy Witch" which like a normal grammy but more MAGICAL ­čśé
These are the grandchildren who I get to see whenever I want :)

The blood was delicious, type AB.

The dessert was so delicious and really spooky!  The cake is red velvet and the cake pops are really buck eye balls, so good!

We have a lot of fun with our party.  The appetizers are at one house, dinner at another and dessert at yet another house!  We play games or do an activity at each house too.  This year we celebrated on Halloween night, but last year we chose a different evening.  I really love setting traditions since we finally live by two of our children.  I hope you enjoyed the halloween fashion show! 

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