Sep 13, 2021

Scrappy Haystack Sampler quilt finished!

I made some changes to my quilt!  I took out three beautiful star blocks and added a horse on the top middle and a lamb and goat on the bottom row.  I thought that my grandchildren would enjoy the farm animals better than the stars :) I machine quilted a crosshatch pattern and I think it works really well with the business of the blocks.

This was my original quilt, it wasn't as bad as I though to remove three blocks, considering they were on the top and bottom rows.

This Woolley lamb is always fun to make, it doesn't have too many pieces.  It would be fun to make a quilt just from this block but I don't really know anyone in my family who loves lambs that much!

I think this goat with the little chick on his back is so adorable!  It was. a lot of fun to make too ❤️

I had a wideback piece of Lori Holt fabric for the back of the quilt and when I took a closer look at it, I saw the lamb. and other animals and decided to add them to my quilt.  I love, love, love the horse with the blanket on his back but forgot to take a closeup of the block before I sewed it into the quilt.

Finally, here's the label that I sewed onto the back.

Of course this quilt is going into the grandchildren pile!

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  1. I love the changes that you made to your quilt and again, the attention to detail, with your choice of backing and lovely quilting. Such a beautiful quilt!