Aug 9, 2021

A Quilting Life, block of the month 2021

I've posted my previous blocks (January, February and March) for this quilt along, here.

Below is the April block of the month, and I love the way your eye gravitates to the arrow pointing up in the middle :)

Below is my May block of the month, I've always loved a star in a star block.  It's so much fun choosing the fabric for these blocks!

Below are all of my blocks, January through May.  

This quilt is going to be so cute!  It won't go in my grandchildren pile though because it will be finished in December.  My grandchildren pile needs to be complete by American Thanksgiving, I will write about that down the road....

The blocks below are for the months of July and August, I'm all caught up now. Sherri said that she will have finishing fabric yardage in September, for the quilt.  

When I saw Sherri McConnell's block of the month quilt last year, I really wished I had sewn along.  I didn't let this year slip away from me again, so I was "in" the month of January.  Some blocks are more time consuming than others, but it always works.  Only one block a month is totally doable for me.  I just love sew alongs so much, especially if I don't know what the quilt will look like when it's finished.  I trust Sherri and love her style, so I know it will be beautiful.  I'm trying to use pastel fabrics, not as bright as I usually choose.  I'm going for a "Fig Tree" vibe without actually using Fig Tree fabric.  I really love the fabric that Sherri and Chelsea design too. I don't buy much fabric unless I can get it on a really good sale because I already have so much!  If I was buying fabric and not trying to use my stash, I would definitely start hoarding Sherri and Chelsea fabric!

If you want to make this quilt, you can go to Sherri's blog here, it's free!

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  1. Lovely blocks, Cynthia! The house block is especially a favorite - love the little extra in the design. Sherri and Chelsi's newest fabric line is so pretty. I just love the whole colourway in there.